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Iron March Forum Charter and Mission Statement

Iron March Charter and Mission Statement

Iron March Mission Statement

Iron March is a global online fascist community that seeks to become the Forge of the 21st Century Fascist by establishing an online Fascist Space so as to foster and develop internet resources dedicated to the study, understanding and practice of the Fascist Worldview and Lifestyle; and a global Fascist Fraternity in the world for the purpose of creating a non-movement/party form of association between fascists that can in turn lead to the strengthening of existing or formation of new movements that engage in our common struggle worldwide.

Iron March itself is not a movement and never intends to become one, rather it is the platform for the creation of the global Fascist Fraternity and the central communications hub for its members online as well as the HQ for the online Fascist Space and the primary source for studying our worldview, thus acting as the Fascist Alma Mater.

Furthermore, a distinction must be made that Iron March and Iron March forum (i.e. IRONMARCH.ORG) are not synonymous as the intent and ambitions outlined in this Mission Statement clearly show that Iron March has outgrown itself as just an internet forum, now encompassing an array of both online and real world activities and goals, making Iron March a living community while the Iron March forum acts as its online HQ.

To further explain our intentions each key term mentioned above is explained below:

  • Forge(-ing) of the 21st Century Fascist - the most broad and succinct way of describing our Mission Statement that covers both our online and real world activities, implying that we seeks to create not just mere political and career/hobbyist fascists but rather people who share an inherently different perception of the world and thus live and breathe Fascism 24/7, making it not just a mere ideology but a Worldview and Way of Life or Lifestyle, that in the Modern World would appear as a form of counter-culture.
  • Fascist Alma Mater - the role that the Iron March forum plays in educating people towards a more comprehensive understanding of the Fascist Struggle and Worldview, and a common way of referring to any Iron March projects dedicated to further research and education in those fields (ex. Fascist Archive, Antimony Group).
  • Fascist Space - common way of referring to all online Iron March projects and online projects/activities created by members of the IM community that in any way further our goals, including educational, creative, demonstrative outlets of the Fascist Lifestyle (ex. NOOSE).
  • Fascist Fraternity - Iron March community manifested in the real world as a means of fascist association that exists outside belonging to any particular movement or party, encouraging fascists to spend time together outside of movement activities or to the contrary bring together fascists with no existing affiliations to share in common interests or form some organization of their own. It is important to note that in the event of a movement's formation Iron March has no direct control over it and can merely offer advice as a community, in the hopes of nurturing the growth of a successful and dedicated fascist organization.

Most of the planning behind the aforementioned goals and projects occurs on our online HQ - the Iron March forum. As such the Forum Charter in no small part defines the nature of our community and can be used not as only a guide for using the forum itself but also as a point of reference to the standards of our community at large.

Iron March Forum Charter

I. Adminship

The Adminship are the Iron March Forum Admins, tasked with maintaining the forum, disciplinary actions, enforcing the values of our worldview and the planning of all IM projects to further our common goals.

The official symbol of the Adminship and the Iron March forum is the Machina Hierarchia - Hierarchy Machine (cog and hands) - it symbolizes the organic unity that exists in a proper hierarchy, making it work as smoothly and efficiently as a machine; alternatively it symbolizes the fostering of an organic unity from what were initially mechanical means.

II. Black Corps

The Black Corps are the Iron March Forum Moderators - the most trusted and true who embody both the values that are at the foundation of this community and of the values of our worldview. The Black Corps are tasked with maintaining order and cleanliness on the forum, as well as seeking out and purging unwanted elements as outlined in segment III of this charter (Community).

To become a member of the Black Corps one must be a long term member of the IM Forum in good standing who has also proven to be responsible and thus worthy of the title and the tasks that come with it.

III. Community

Iron March is not a movement, but we expect users to share our purpose – to take an active interest in using the forum, and when contributing to do so as fascists in ultimate pursuit of knowledge, ideas, contacts, etcetera. Those who are not constructive and threaten this are in the wrong place and unwelcome. We recognize there is a widespread character issue in movement politics, and we start here to address some of those problems here. The following rules are to be observed by all members and handled quickly and diplomatically where possible.

1. No ‘Sperging’. As in ‘Asperger’s syndrome’, an Autistic mental disorder characterized by extreme egocentricity and an inability to understand how to interact socially. This policy is to curtail and recognize the tendencies of users whose actions and motivations are outside our common goals, are deliberately of no benefit to anyone, and only serve to cause trouble. Regardless of whether it is motivated by narcissism, social alienation, cowardice, or stupidity we must control it, and it is the user’s responsibility to observe these following principles which will serve as a guide to ensure there will be no problems for you while you are here.

1.1 - Role-playing. The tendency to portray personal views in the third person with no clear relation to the real world constitutes a form of role-playing. Another form of role-playing is found in arrogance; insisting on special treatment or to be regarded as a separate tier, in contradiction to the fact it is usually marked by an absence of; personal effort, courage, commitment, consistency, positions that will attract negative response, interest in people, etc - by coincidence. If you are a fake you will be recognized and publicly called out.

1.2 - Fashion Fascism. Fascism isn't a fetish – if you regularly treat it as such your motivations will be questioned as ulterior. If you reflect your political ‘identity’ in things like science fiction or anything else found in Television, Video games, hobbies, sub-cultures etc, it tells us that you are unable to distinguish between the two.

1.3 - Shitposting. Making shit posts; this happens when a post is devoid of content or context, eg randomly responding with a reaction image. If you have nothing else to contribute you have no right to be engaging in this.

1.4 - Constructive debate. The goal of debate is the pursuit of truth therefore you should take care about what you are saying and care about opposing arguments and should assume it is the same for your opponent – so where relevant you should be capable of providing sources to back up an opinion - this is an argument. Ignoring responses while continuing to argue shows you have no investment in the discussion and also, that you have nothing to offer or contribute.

1.5 - Conduct. It is your responsibility to judge group relations and know what not to post and where things should be posted. When you can participate in a forum drama, promote yourself, become insolent towards members, etc, is something only you can judge.

If these are not monitored by the user and kept in check it may result in messages of warning from moderators.

2. This is not Stormfront. Our community is based on discussion and debate constructive towards fascist goals, it is not a hangout for White Nationalists and their unique subculture. Stormfront and VNN forums already provide this in terms of its endless topics on conspiracy theories, chimpouts, Zionism, etcetera. Exclusively posting remarks and threads of that nature without proper context is a form of spamming.

Likewise, we are not a New Right intellectual circle jerk and we do not tolerate aimless, abstract philosophizing and the typical self-important snobbish behavior that comes with it. Furthermore we recognize displays of such behavior to be a form of violation of points outlined in segment III of this charter (Community).

3. Tolerance. We accept people with strong viewpoints even if ultimately we seek everyone to join us in our comprehension of the world, whilst also understanding that this can be accomplished only so far via our internet forum platform. Those who take themselves too seriously yet refuse to debate become paranoid, patronizing, passive aggressive and can become the source of drama. Users of non straight-white-male-fascist backgrounds also need to be conscious of their differences and check their privilege at the door. If you have allowed yourself to become aggravated through your own fault we will not side with you and you may be held responsible.

4. Sophian Language. You are expected to use this website with intelligence, knowing not what to write and to read between the lines. Nobody is likely to monitor the website or trawl through your messages, but by posting here you need to personally be prepared it might be read in a court, quoted on in a newspaper, or read to your weeping mother – and hold yourself to account. Don't ask us to delete all your posts because you have "changed your mind.", or even attempt to alter them yourself. Remember you public posts are cached by search engines or may be recorded by others.

5. Untermenschen. Just being you can result in an immediate ban, and we will take immediate and permanent action if it is ever found out the following applies to you.

5.1 - We do not allow or entertain the mentally ill to the extent they cannot understand fascism, (for instance those who do genuinely suffer from Autism) and it is our responsibility to direct them away from this place because they should not be here.

5.2 - Expression of interest in Paedophilia (Including any similar inclinations towards the under-aged) will result immediate ban, and even the slightest hint will be treated seriously.

5.3 - Simply put, we reserve the right to ban you if you are any kind of faggot. If you feel the need to tell the world then you will bring the consequences on yourself just as hard. Belonging to the furry fandom is prohibited, partly because it also involves a breach of 1.1 and 1.2, but mostly because it is utterly degenerative (it deserves note here because it will apply even if explicitly sexual grounds cannot be ascertained).

Failure to comply may result in internment, when a member's activity on the forum is restricted to the Showers. These members will be marked as Prisoners and they will inevitably be Gassed.

IV. Forum Activities

Iron March Forum provides it's users with a number of activities that help us develop as a forum, an information center and a community for fellow fascists as well as establish new projects outside the Forum both online and in real life. Any user can officially sign up for any such activity and become an active contributor. Simply follow the rules of each such activity and you will find yourself occupied with interesting projects that will help you develop your skills or further your knowledge.

V. Discipline

We expect every user to follow the rules set forth by the Adminship.

1. Our community is interested in active members, not lurker and defunct profiles. All accounts that have zero posts for a week after registry on the forum will be deleted. Once a year (sometime in January) the forum undergoes cleaning of defunct profiles, meaning that any years old profiles with less than 10 posts are permanently deleted. The more the forum membership grows with active users the higher the number of posts required to prevent deletion will become.

2. Before creating a new topic make sure that a similar one doesn't already exist and be sure to post topics in the appropriate sections of the Iron March forum. Use the search bar in the top right corner if you are not sure where to look.

3. Do not derail topics, do not flame, do not spam (outside Cancer and the Wastelands).

*It is the user’s responsibility not to be trolled.

4. Follow the respective rules of all forum activities and projects as they are explained in the sections dedicated to those activities.

5. Moderators and Admins may dispense punishment at their discretion and can give formal warnings to users who behave in an unacceptable manner (unnecessary aggression, blatant and systematic disregard of the forum rules and etc) with 3 and more warnings being grounds for temporary suspension or immediate gassing, or in some cases said penalties can happen with no warning at all.

VI. Uniform

1. Forum avatars are restricted to a size of 150x200 pixels, and 25 kb.

2. Forum signatures are restricted to one image of 800x140 pixels and 5 lines of text.

3. Admins can be recognized by the symbol of the Iron March Adminship below their title and avatar - Machina Hierarchia and Admins Wreath.

4. Members of the Black Corps can be recognized by the symbol of the Black Corps below their title and avatar - the Sword and Shield, combined with the Machina Hierarchia. Black Corps Captain is recognized by the same symbol with wings.

5. Users are discouraged from taking the names of historic persons, eg ‘Benito Mussolini’, and may be asked to change their username.

Follow these rules diligently, least you face the wrath of the Adminship.