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Ahad Ha-Am

Ahad Ha-Am

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About Me

Alright, looks like something went wrong with my computer, and the "about me" page was removed. Either that or I've been censored for some unknown reason. So. We shall recap.

I am Ahad Ha-Am, which means "one of the people" in Hebrew. I am a Jew and a Totalist in economic policy, while endorsing a compound ideology in other areas, somewhat akin to the "Compound Fasces" of Mr. Alexander Slavros.

My views on economics: Vicarious capitalism and misuse of the free-market has brought our country to its knees, and more are getting crushed every day. We need an agressive program of nationalisation immediately, perhaps giving licenses to small private businesses after we're back on our feet. I always felt safer with state-run corporations anyway.

My views on hatred: Hatred, along with fear, is a powerful political tool, but should never be directed at internal groups. Hate the people who can actually hurt you. Trust me, with effective propaganda, you can make an enemy out of practically anything! Choose an external group that has proved dangerous that has proved dangerous in the past, and fire away! The only downside is you may have get into a small war (think Germany in the Spanish Civil War) to appease your public (if you view war as a downside).

My views on equality: I am something of a Socialist in this regard, because it makes no sense whatsoever to me to prevent people from working based on nonsensical criteria. Thus: I do not care about your

a) skin colour
B) gender
c) religion
d) orientation

as long as you can and will work, or have an essential skill. Think of how many top physicists Germany lost in the Second World War, simply because they were Jewish. Also, as a Jew, I find it hard to contemplate persecuting people for no reason, because so were we for the better part of fifteen hundred years.

My views on "individualism": Nonsense. Giving people too much free reign to spout whatever shite they endorse at the moment is nonsense. Also, saying anything along the lines of "I just gotta be me" immediately marks you for the Gulags in my book. That is all.

My views on the military: In my opinion, a strong military tradition is needed to get the public back in line. Discipline is what is needed, not among today's youth, but also, sadly, among the adults. Something akin to a militia for the adults or a Hitlerjugend or Young Pioneers for the kids would seem best.

My views on the Holocaust: In 1936, when my family was leaving Poland and Austria for the "goldene medina" a sizeable contingent stayed behind, as they were already established in their home countries. The result is that I have no Holocaust survivors in my family, because  all potential survivors were killed. The Holocaust happened as written. End of story.

I am sorry if you are offended that I won't consider other viewpoints. It's a personal subject for me.

I've also been reading up on several Jewish Maximalists from the early twentieth century, and I find I agree with many of their views.

Now, if you should choose to argue with me about the Holocaust, or Judaism in general, I will tell you I am well-armed regarding these subjects. Argue them with me at your peril!

Oh, and how could I forget? I'm also the ZOG leader responsible for the European financial market.

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