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Александр Славрос

The Gap

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The following is something that is simply common knowledge in military circles: when you enclose the enemy force you can either complete the circle or leave a gap in it that leads the enemy back onto its own yet uncontested territory. 


Completing the circle presents a clear danger, as the enemy force grows desperate and primes itself for a piercing attack in one direction that may be well enough to break out of the circle and have dangerous consequences in a yet indeterminate front line that exists right next to the circle.


Leaving a gap in the circle is already enough to psychologically weaken the enemy's actions as the desperation factor is removed and there is always a nagging thought in every enemy soldier's mind that there is an escape route, even if the commander of the enemy force refuses to retreat any number of individual soldiers may cower and take their chance deserting the encircled position.


Thus the gap presents in itself a smart strategy that weakens the surrounded enemy, it's an exploitation of what is known in psychology as the fight or flight scenario. Only time to really close the circle completely is when the front line has been pushed further away and thus the enemy is not just surrounded by the immediate force but there are now most likely reserves nearby, steady supplies moving in and etc, making for a well supplied and sturdy siege situation.


This simple fact of military planning is well applied in other places, it can even applied from a street fight to running a state.


We've talked about the inevitability of the race war, the factors that contribute to it being started either by us or by the enemy. Well now I'd like to overlay this military tactic with what we face in our struggle and the coming race war.


It will come as no surprise to anyone that we are the force that has been surrounded in a circle. What few people realize, however, is that we have also been given that gap, that chance for retreat that many view more so as an opportunity of some kind. One of the prominent examples for this gap is the "going through official channels" point. We all too often hear "why don't you try using a different rhetoric", "why don't you try getting elected" and so on and these are all forms of that gap.


Election talk is the gap in the circle, it gives the illusion of winning by other means. Putting your faith in conservotards is the gap in the circle, it gives you the illusion that this other shill is less of a shill than others and thus its "better than nothing". Whether its BNP that thought it could create national policy by getting elected or the random inactive fascist that thinks UKIP can win and thus make things a tiny bit better (something Mason mentioned in reference to Ronald "Ray-gun" as the hopeful conservative messiah figure of his time but who was useful in the sense of making things worse) - it's all a lie, because it is a gap in the circle, it is a retreat and thus it is surrendering your positions to the enemy because it weakens the ranks and breaks formation and disallows any sort of chance for a unified powerful strike that would pierce the circle. Only group to successfully utilize the gap in an attempt to rock the boat is Golden Dawn, but I doubt they have any illusions as to where their real power will come from, and its not the election polls. 


But this gap won't be there forever, obviously, and when it will finally close is the time when the race war starts when our enemy will try to kill every single one of us in the circle or when we try to pierce the circle and take the advantage. 


Yet even though the gap isn't going to be there forever we should treat it as nonexistent right now, because in reality the front line has been long moved away from us, the last time there was a real chance to regroup, take over and expand was when the first generation of fascists did it, with Hitler, Mussolini and others. The last of them I'd say, was Rockwell. After Rockwell there were no more chances to regroup and there never will be, the gap is an illusion and a lie because there is nowhere left to retreat to and regroup. 


In reality the worse things are the better they are, and it can be clearly illustrated in this concept of the completed circle, but why wait for the day when the gap will close and keep putting empty pointless hope onto it that does not reward one in any way and only makes them complacent and inactive in the struggle and less prepared for the day when the gap will finally close? Treat our struggle as if the circle has already closed and all that's left is the proverbial silence before the storm, either of us or the enemy striking first.


By proverbial silence I mean that the struggle in its current state will be nothing compared to the full on Race War. What should be happening now is us rocking the boat as hard as possible until it capsizes or breaks. I once again implore everyone to start reading SIEGE or follow the Read Together topic of it made by Matt, because what is written in there is nothing less than a more relevant to our time guide of the Fascist Revolutionary.


Stop following elections and stop giving shits about mainstream politics altogether even if it involves supposed conservotard hopefuls - at best you can hope for them being the system's cucks and nothing more. At worse they're part of the system anyway. Stop worrying about our image and things getting worse. When I saw that video of the kid at the gay pride parade I thought that I should feel some kind of rage but instead I quietly considered how "yeah, we saw this coming". We know ahead of time exactly how bad things will get, there are no surprises in store for us.


Instead take to heart all the lessons of the past provided to us by everyone from Hitler to Mason and prepare for the inevitable war, take every example of the situation growing worse and help it feed the growing flame of what will surely be the most brutal conflict in known human history.


The Gap is a lie given to you so you can take the opportunity for flight - there is only the Circle, and thus the only option is to fight.


"Destroy and crush without any limits

There are no innocents, no need for pity

Goal will justify the means"


-Antisystem "Worse is Better"


"Close your hearts to pity" "Act brutally! [...] Be harsh and remorseless! Be steeled against all signs of compassion!" -Adolf Hitler



















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