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  1. HAPPENING:Negroe retaliation against police in Dallas

    It affects white people and it's called believing in bullshit and not knowing jack shit about rules of engagement as it regards officers. I still see the same old bullshit of the "deep racism of America" and other things of that variety. There is a reason why cops are so mental and trigger happy in the States. And being a trigger happy nignog with hip-hop on the stereo is one of them. As for dindus, they know really well what they are doing. They know that if they don't play the "innocent victim of racism card" they're going to be overdrived. Good luck feeding your child when child-support runs out and whenever a chimp out occurs the military steps in and grazes 50-60 dindus...
  2. Shill Quicknews

    WE WUZ KANGS!!!!!!! So if Africa is humanitys homeland, wasn't colonialism then some sort of the Return of the Heraclideans. You know lost tribes trying to reclaim their fatherlands!!! >Inb4 Is it me, or this negress is really cool with all these happening!
  3. Liberal Degeneration

    Lol here on the southern tip of Eastern Europe, they go at living things as well. Although they go at 1 to 10 ratios and even then they do like they pulled a Herculean labor if they manage to beat a kid with moderate views regarding immigration or something. They even get to the nerves of more moderate AFA since it's just sheer thuggery. But what's worse is all these moderates fucks that won't call a spade a spade in case they're going to be labeled as "fascists". And if a criticism it's always these faggy "let's not fall to the fascists level".
  4. Trivial HAPPENINGs

    Around that. The average is 35. But you can get some 45 degrees as well which are fucking intolerable.
  5. National Action

    ^"Ohhh noes pretty women go after fash cock nowadays". I remember massive campaigns in Germany that were directed towards women and stressed them the importance of not having sexual liaisons with Nazis. And after all a nice female preference just make things more nice and give more motivation for action.
  6. Trivial HAPPENINGs

    Fucking summer in Greece. Fucking hate it!!!!!!
  7. Liberal Degeneration

    lol those SJW skanks are so funny. They have this retarded "look im so pissed" look on their face that is hilarious
  8. Stickering

    I don't know in what extends do the LEA in the UK and the US go to get people that put stickers (and as I hear they do things like taking fingertips and shit). Here in Greece we are somewhat priviledged in that area, since no one would care about stickers. They passed laws for graffitis in schools recently but even in that case you have to be the unlucky chap that gets arrested on spot, since the LEA here won't even bother going after people doing graffitis and shit even if Jews or lefties cry about it. What we did from experience is having the sticker ready before putting at a bus station or so, as we walked in a casual manner. Mind you the only danger of that in Greece is if some group of antifa follow you and a brawl ensures, other than that you could stick in front of a cop and he wouldn't even care. Other than that. Just be safe from cameras, stick it fast before anyone can see or realize and if it stirs controversy afterwards play the idiot.
  9. What can be done about Degeneracy in the 21st century?

    Sell shitty hormones to trannies so you can fuck them up and pass them antidepressants so you can get some bucks out of it while on the same time propagandizing how much of a burden to the state they are for their mental check ups.
  10. Christian Identity

    American bible thumpers thinking their the true heirs of Abraham?! lol reminds me of the theories the English made so they could prove direct lineage to Isaac (Saxons -> Isaacs sons") right about the time Cromwell came around. It always striked me how only this faggy christianity get it's hold on America and Africa. This really weird, kikeish variety.
  11. You and Military Service

    I'm enlisting to the Greek army man...
  12. You and Military Service

    I am enlisting this September. Let's see if Trump gets elected and there is some serious action!
  13. I don't say what ZOG will do. I say what a healthy, tradical state in a modern setting could do to combat this. Right now, we have an establishment scaremongering, otherwise decent people and dooming them to not having a carefree and free of worries, monogamic relationship, advicing the condoms "just in case" turning them into fucking hypochondriacs. The condom industry makes big bucks so why not promote a "free love" lifestyle but with "rules of safety" so "everybodys happy".
  14. Look Aryan man invented the iphone, and STD tests, and we can use that. We just need mandatory health checks every 6 months, and when an STD is found someone gets to get inscribed in a phone application database that signals him as a class A moron and STD contractor. Just an STD tinder of some sorts...
  15. "How does the conduct of consenting adults affect you in any way?" In fact it does, you fucking degenerate retard. It affects me financially, psychologically, and least of all it puts me to an unnecessary risk of bodily harm.