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  1. Gangs

    Forgive me, I haven't slept in the past day and a half I wasn't even thinking of how it could be taxed. I suppose my own personal dislike for 'stoners' was partially to blame. Where I live, the only 'stoners' sit around on a main street here, and do nothing with their lives. So, I'd rather not show any support for them. However, I agree with your point.
  2. Gangs

    I agree with you on your first two paragraphs for the most part. I do think it's a gateway drug (as well as I agree with you it isn't the only gateway substance to any form of addiction). I didn't state my views on alcohol but, I completely agree that alcohol is more of a damaging substance as far as public safety.
  3. Abortion

    Pro-life (except for a situation where the mother's life in endangered). Also, I think there are many uses for children with no parents. Why throw away something that could be put to good use for the nation? Not anything experimental or hurtful but, as far as contributing to society. However, I think some people abuse the right to terminate pregnancies. For example, someone mentioned something about teens using it as a 'Get out of Jail Free' card. It shouldn't be used as another form of birth control. Also, after a certain number of births I think a woman shouldn't be able to reproduce. I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion on number of children per person. As far as, how many children should one person have, or who should be sterilized?
  4. Freemasons.

    Exactly the reason I am against them.
  5. Mercy & Forgiveness in a Fascist society

    Forgiveness is emotional thus, isn't needed in discussion. There should be no mercy. How do you reform society if you keep saying "Oh, you sold someone crack? Here's rehabilitation, don't screw up again." or "You ran into someone with your truck while drunk driving? Here's 9 years and possibility of parole." We're just going to keep having these same crimes committed because people think they can get away with it. Make them fear the law and they won't come close enough to it to break it.
  6. Statutory Rape

    Agreed to an extent. The law was put in place to protect ignorant or naive children from predators. However, a person't brain isn't fully developed until around (roughly) age 25. Women however, mature faster than males so, would the law need to be revised for both genders?
  7. Gangs

    There's not a whole lot that I can say that someone else already hasn't and I don't want to waste time re-stating everything but, I suppose I'll give my opinion. I think any gang is a detriment to society and should be dealt with as such. They go against the government and the advancement of the country thus, shouldn't be tolerated. Also, about lyrics that support gang violence and other idiocy, I agree with that you need to regulate lyrics and not worry about the genre. I don't think marijuana should be legalized though. I am opposed to it in all forms and I always have been. It's a gateway drug and creates laziness. About what to do with them, send them to the re-education camps. If all else fails, the medical field would be in need for another test dummy. I'm from America and being a Gangster is unfortunately encouraged here. If we stopped the media from portraying the gang life as a glorious one, I think we'd find the rate of youth turning toward it, declining. Citizens of America complain about the crime yet, we have the media telling every teen that it's fun and you make mass amounts of money if you just sell illegal substances and steal. Then, from the portrayal of this lifestyle as positive, we have the drug issues and 16 year old kids (I say 16 because I live in a town where I'm aware of a 16 year old in this position) addicted to heroin and on the streets. It's absolutely disgusting.
  8. The musical thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4332jB-czI Favorite song right now.^
  9. Greetings from the U.S.A.

    Licensed Nursing Assistant.
  10. Feminism And Neofeminism

    Agreed. I think at this point they're just looking for attention for idiotic reasons. "Hey, I'm a female and I'm upset. Pay attention." If a male walked around complaining about equal rights for men (no matter the issue) he'd be called multiple names and a sexist. I'm not racist but, I view it similar to the 'black pride' nonsense. The double standards are moronic. It's socially acceptable for a black person to say he's proud to be black but, when a white person is proud to be white it's racist and deemed inappropriate. Same thing with the radical feminists.
  11. Greetings from the U.S.A.

    I don't plan on it
  12. Greetings from the U.S.A.

    From a psychological standpoint I am interested. Not in an endearing way by any means and I do not condone it.
  13. deliberate self-harm

    My views are split in many directiosn on this. Some people like pain. Look at Albert Fish who shoved needles into his junk. Other times, it could very well be a psychological disorder or a 'cry for help'. Also, it could be some whiny kid looking for attention OR someone could just be doing something similar to a tattoo. I have 4 tattoos all in places that are coverable for work so, I don't mind those. I don't want to destroy my body so, I wouldn't modify it more than that...
  14. Suicide

    I think it's pure cowardice.
  15. Greetings from the U.S.A.

    Ha! Glad to see that. Thanks for the welcoming.