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  1. What would be fascism stance toward fetishist who keep their shit to their bedroom and help the state during the day? By that i mean those with weird sexual taste but don't force everyone to see their shit by keeping to their bed room and doing it with their consenting wife.
  2. The state need to control the filth. MTV style reality TVs need to go. And channels that is supposed to teach peoples new thing but don't and show reality TV instead need to go or be brought back to their original programming (I'm looking at you History channel and discovery)
  3. He should be shot. Plain and simple. Anything less is a bitch-slap to the face of the victims.
  4. Was diagnosed with it because i was more actif than other and talked more. I didn't cause havok in class and only time i was fighting was when defending from bullies. They medicated me because i talked too much and seemed too ''Happy'' for them. It didn't make me more ''attentive'' it made me more secluded and a laughing stock for those who didn't have to take it. I admit there need to be more discipline in class and i believe that spanking should be brought back but not the cane or whip (These are our Children, not our slaves). Saw a child spit in his mother face at a store recently and she did nothing. Damn hes lucky i wasn't his father. The only time a parent deserve this disrespect is if hes raping you or doing horrible thing to you (example: not feeding you, making you live chained in the attic and stuff like that).
  5. Well, If they keep their ''Kink'' behind closed door and don't do a parade about it then i don't mind unless its the extreme kind who refuse to work and fully act out his kink than i say hell no. The common adult can like what he want unless that ''thing'' target children, prevent him to work or that he start acting it out in public which is a nono. What you do in your bedroom is none of my business.
  6. Fuck these car burning racaille. They are nothing but a mere group of annoying criminal and should be treated as such. France should actively find and execute those who killed that little girl if they didn't already do it.
  7. Oh well...
  8. I know, was just saying that in Arabia it existed before Islam.
  9. Actually ''Honor killing'' is a cultural thing and not related to Islam. I'm far from being pro Islam but i think its stupid to blame it on a religion when its in reality part of their culture. It happened in Pre-Islamic Arabia too.
  10. So did they remove the statues?
  11. That picture pissed me off to no end. This just prove that Anders Breivik was right. Please for the love of God tell me the city wont give in to these pathetic brat and remove the statues.
  12. Normandy/English ancestry. Most of my distant ancestor date back to Norman/Breton Colonist who settled in New France. Most recent ancestor was a WW1 Veteran who brought back a young English girl after the war as a spoil of war. So, I'd say I'm 60% French (Normandy, Brittany) and 40% English.
  13. Aryan Brotherhood are criminal and should be lined along a wall and shot. They do not deserve to be called Nazi. They are in prison for a reason and most of them are in for bank robbing and drug dealing and the later is a crime worthy of death. Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany wouldn't have put them in cage, that would be wasting space that could be used for crop and other positive building.
  14. Gotta say that your post was confusing. But since you explained your point it is less confusing. My apology for seeming a bit hostile.
  15. Hey buddy... we're talking about mental illness not mental retardation which is way different. Most Mentally Ill (Even extreme case like psychopath) are smarter then the average person. Only idiot themselves can't see the huge difference between a mentally Retarded person and a mentally ill person.